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Boston has a worldwide reputation as a center of culture, history, learning, sports and economic activity. Though the official population of the city is around 600,000, the people who work, study and visit here make the Greater Boston area much more crowded than that. Scholars come from all over the world to teach and study at Harvard, Tufts, Boston College, Boston University and a hundred other colleges and universities. Tourists come from everywhere to walk the Freedom Trail. Boston is also home to financial centers, technology companies, many outstanding hospitals and assorted industries. All of this activity makes the city a rich environment for residents and visitors. 

With such a level of activity, it is inevitable that accidents and injuries will occur. If you’re the unfortunate victim of someone else’s negligence, the accomplished injury attorneys at Feinberg & Alban PC are here to represent you. From offices in Center Plaza and Brookline, we pursue maximum compensation for people who have been hurt in vehicle accidents, falls and other incidents.

Types of cases we handle

You can rely on one of the Boston personal injury lawyers at Feinberg & Alban PC to provide highly professional legal representation for a wide range of claims, including cases relating to the following:

  • Auto accidents — Boston suffers from some of the most congested traffic in the nation. When that congestion includes aggressive, distracted and impaired drivers, serious auto accidents will occur.
  • Truck accidents — Commercial trucking is essential to the Bay State economy, but trucking accidents are all too common in Boston, with victims frequently suffering catastrophic, and even fatal, injuries.
  • Subway and transit accidents — About one-third of Bostonians take public transit for their daily commute, giving the city the fifth highest rate of public transit usage in the country. Unfortunately, the city also has a high incidence of mass transit accidents.
  • Pedestrian accidents — Because Boston has more foot commuters than other comparably populated municipalities, it’s been called the Walking City. But the 13 percent of our population that commutes by foot must cross intersections designed first and foremost for motor vehicle traffic, making pedestrian accidents far too common.
  • Bicycle accidents — Though the city has made efforts to create dedicated bike lanes, Boston-area riders still face serious dangers. When cyclists are struck on busy Boston streets, they need strong legal representation to obtain compensation for broken bones and other types of injuries.
  • Rideshare accidents — Increasingly, Boston-area residents and tourists use services such as Uber and Lyft for their transportation needs. Our firm understands the insurance coverage that applies in ridesharing accidents and advocates for passengers and others who have been hurt in these crashes.
  • Slip and fall incidents — Property owners who are careless regarding safety on their walking surfaces put visitors at risk. Whether your slip and fall injury resulted from an icy sidewalk, a spill on a supermarket floor or some other example of negligence, we will pursue appropriate compensation for you.
  • Dog bites — If you suffer dog bites or other injuries from someone else’s pet in an unprovoked attack, we will pursue a damages claim against the owner.
  • Premises liability — When a dangerous condition or lax security on someone else’s property causes you injury, we will bring a premises liability claim for compensation.
  • Nursing home malpractice — When a loved one is injured as a result of nursing home malpractice, we will pursue claims against the owners, management and staff responsible.
  • Wrongful death — If you lose a close family member in a fatal accident, we will bring a wrongful death claim to recover the damages you are entitled to. 

No matter what type of accident you are involved in, a dedicated Boston personal injury attorney at Feinberg & Alban PC can help you hold the liable parties accountable.

What are the most common types of injuries in Boston?

We work with expert doctors to help build the strongest possible case in matters stemming from accident-related medical conditions, such as:

Regardless of your specific injury, we have the legal knowledge and professional network to support your claim.

How we represent you

As your attorneys, we provide a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We then thoroughly investigate the accident and gather vital evidence. We file claims and negotiate settlements with insurance companies whenever possible. However, we do not hesitate to file suit and go to trial where necessary to recover the compensation you are due.

Depending on the nature and effect of your injuries, you may be entitled to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and loss of the enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

You can depend on our experienced personal injury attorney to protect your rights, navigate through the legal process and press for the maximum damages to which you are entitled.

What is the statute of limitations for a Boston injury claim?

You usually have three years from the date of an injury to initiate a legal proceeding. Any delay could make it more difficult to locate the evidence and witnesses you need to bolster your case. Getting started right away also means you could receive a potential judgment or settlement more quickly.

Contact an accomplished Boston personal injury lawyer for a free consultation

Feinberg & Alban PC aggressively pursues personal injury and wrongful death claims throughout the Greater Boston area. Please call 617-232-5950 or contact us online to discuss your legal options in a free consultation. We have an office at Two Center Plaza in Boston and one in Brookline. If you cannot travel, we can also meet in your home or hospital room.

Feinberg & Alban, P.C. fervently protects your rights
  • The Boston firm of Feinberg & Alban, P.C. specializes its practice in the area of personal injury.

    The attorneys serve the entire state of Massachusetts in addition to affiliating with lawyers in other states to handle cases outside of Massachusetts.

  • $7.7 Million Award for Feinberg & Alban Client in Personal Injury Trial

    Boston Attorneys Win Highest Injury Verdict in Massachusetts in 2011 & 2012.

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    Colleen was great to deal with and communication was easy.

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    Graham Eyres

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    Colleen represented both my daughter and myself in a car accident case. It was a tricky and very involved case with many detail oriented issues to deal with. She handled everything with confidence and grace and supported us through what were some ver...

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    Rhonda Brouder

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    I’m a college student in the Boston area who suffered a pedestrian personal injury in December of 2022. Thankfully I was put into contact with Feinberg & Alban PC and I worked closely with Robert and Perry Feinberg who treated me with respect and f...

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    Anne O'Leary

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    Alexis Cahill was great, professional, and was open for me to contact on any questions I may have had during the process. Feinberg & Alban PC's services were nice as well, and I'd recommend them due to the transparency, what they were able to negotia...

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    Branden B.

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    My mom had a great experience with Feinberg as her attorney, after she fell near her house, and he took her under his wing. Mr. Feinberg was helpful, very organized and kind. He helped my mom a lot, very happy with results

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    Jane sungurov

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