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Settlements & Verdicts

Robert Feinberg has the highest personal injury verdict in Massachusetts over a five year period.
Robert Feinberg has the highest personal injury settlement in Massachusetts in the last year.
Robert Feinberg has the second highest personal injury settlement in Massachusetts during 2020.
*as reported in the Mass. Lawyers Weekly and excluding medical malpractice.

  • $7.7 million

    Jury awards Robert Feinberg's client $7.7 million as a result of a boiler explosion

  • $5.35 million

    Recovered for construction site accident

  • $5.3 million

    Recovered for products liability/construction accident.

  • $5.3 million

    Recovered for Boston Accident Victim

  • $3.75 million

    Actual Value Close to $5M Settlement for Ironworker Fall From Roof

  • $2.15 million

    Recovered for Motorcycle Accident Victim

  • $1.35 million

    Ladder Gives Way While Being Used in Product Liability Case

  • $1.5 million

    Feinberg & Alban PC recovers $1.5 million in motorcycle accident shortly before trial

  • $1.75 million

    Boston Lawyer Wins Big Settlement in Slip & Fall Case

Settlements & Verdicts

Also Visit Our Auto Accident Recoveries page “***” Denotes Cases Reported in Mass Lawyers Weekly

Robert Feinberg recovers $5,300,000.00 in a products liability/construction accident.

$5,300,000.00 Settlement

The plaintiff was a 44 year old construction worker who was walking down a temporary stair tower when a portion of the tower suddenly collapsed, resulting in a fall of 20 feet. The cause of the accident was a broken hook on one of the stair stringers. The hook was defectively designed. The ratio of the bend radius to the steel thickness on the stringer hook was one-half of what was suggested.…Read more

Jury awards Robert Feinberg's client $7.7 million including interest as a result of a boiler explosion. The insurance company only offered $200,000***

Huge Jury Verdict for Feinberg & Alban P.C.

A Middlesex superior court jury awarded Robert Feinberg's client $7.7 million including interest in April 2011. The victim was to have replaced a leaking gasket but the boiler was not prepared properly and the gauges did not accurately report the condition of the tank. Unfortunately, the tank was under pressure and when the repairman went to open the tank to do his work he was severely burned by steam and super-heated hot water. He spent three weeks in the burn unit of a local hospital where he underwent three surgeries. He has had one additional surgery, that to his left elbow, since his hospital release in July 2007…Read more

Feinberg & Alban, P.C. Recovers $5.35 Million in Negligence Case for Injured Roofer.***

$5,350,000 Settlement

A 21 year old, inexperienced roofer working for a roofing subcontractor fell off a roof suffering several severe injuries.  OSHA has regulations regarding "fall protection" and neither the project superintendent nor the roofing subcontractor ensured the young roofer was tied off and protected.  The plaintiff's injury include (but are not limited to) fractures of the tibia, coccyx and vertebrae.  Read More

Ironworker injured in 25-foot fall from rooftop***

$3,750,000 Settlement

Settlement requires insurance company to pay medical bills for life and allows worker to keep all benefits already paid to him. Total value close to $5 million. Read More

40 year old motorcycle operator with leg injuries recovers $2.15 million for crash.***

$2,150,000 dollar recovery

The plaintiff was a 40-year-old motorcycle operator in Boston who was struck by a motorist making a U-turn across a double yellow line. Liability was not seriously contested. Medical special damages were $296,000. The plaintiff contended, with support from two orthopedic experts, that future treatment would cost approximately $100,000. There was a $200,000 loss of earnings from the accident to the time of mediation. Future loss-of-earning capacity was approximately $750,000 because the plaintiff can no longer work as an electrician and works instead as a programmer. Read More

Marsha Alban Resolves a Supermarket Fall for $1,750,000.00, Believed to be One of the Biggest Supermarket Recoveries in any State***

$1,750,000 dollar recovery

Supermarket cases are seldom known to result in big recoveries. Marsha Alban defied those odds by settling a serious leg fracture for $1,750,000. The case was extensively "worked up", both as to facts of the accident and to the complicated nature of the injuries which were sustained. The plaintiff, a wonderful woman in her 50's, was shopping and had just turned a corner when she approached the heavily trafficked front aisle. Ahead of her on her right, she observed a spill and a single cone. As a result, she moved to the left but unfortunately fell onto her knee. She discovered that she had fallen on a red liquid substance about five feet away from where the original spill was located. In several depositions, it was established that the spill came from a 64-ounce bottle. The defendant conceded that the liquid, which caused the plaintiff to fall came from the original spill several feet away - something, which may seem obvious, but can be a hurdle in cases such as these…Read more

$1.5 Million Settlement for Boston Motorcycle Accident, One of the largest personal injury recoveries in Barnstable County***

$1,500,000 dollar recovery

The client, a woman in her mid-50s, was a passenger on a motorcycle proceeding straight on a major road in the Cape. The defendant, an elderly driver, attempted to take a left turn in front of the motorcycle. The elderly driver had a green light but, significantly, it was not a dedicated left turn arrow and the driver consequently failed to observe the right of way.…Read more

Ladder Gives Way While Being Used***

$1,350,000 dollar recovery

The plaintiff suffered a severely herniated lumbar disc as a result of a fall from a ladder, produced by the defendant ladder manufacturer, which had been purchased at the defendant home improvement store the prior April. The 16-foot MultiMatic® ladder, which could be configured in a variety of positions, was in the extension position when it gave way at the lowest joint. The 32-year-old plaintiff was propelled approximately 10 feet onto his legs and lower back. The plaintiffs consisted of the injured husband, his wife and their two minor children. Suit was filed against the manufacturer and retailer alleging negligence, strict liability and Chapter 93A violations...Read more

Pedestrian Hit by Oncoming Car in Waltham, MA***

$1,100,000 dollar recovery

As reported in the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in April of 2019, Robert Feinberg and Colleen Santora win a jury verdict of 1.1 million dollars for their client, a pedestrian hit by a van. The verdict was far greater than the offer from the insurance company. Plaintiff was walking in a crosswalk in Waltham, MA when he was struck by a car.  Although visibility was not ideal, it was daytime and the jury returned a verdict in the plaintiff's favor of $1.1M for injuries including fractured leg and ankle joint.  Read the article HERE.

Struck While On the Job

$675,000 dollar recovery

A 44-year old man, employed by the telephone company, was struck head-on while driving on the job. The plaintiff had to be extricated from the vehicle by the Jaws of Life and sustained a severe ankle fracture. The case was mediated shortly before the trial and settled for $675,000, Middlesex County, a figure that was obtained even though the plaintiff never underwent a fusion of the ankle as had been expected. Feinberg & Alban PC hired an accident reconstructionist, a meteorologist (who disputed the defense contention that their driver was blinded by the sun), a psychiatrist and two orthopedic surgeons.
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    The attorneys serve the entire state of Massachusetts in addition to affiliating with lawyers in other states to handle cases outside of Massachusetts.

  • $7.7 Million Award for Feinberg & Alban Client in Personal Injury Trial

    Boston Attorneys Win Highest Injury Verdict in Massachusetts in 2011 & 2012.

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    Colleen was absolutely amazing to work with! She made the entire process much less stressful and helped me every step of the way. Very happy!

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    Nothing but great things to say. Colleen was amazing, she made the process stress free and always communicated well, and in a timely manor. she was very helpful with any questions I had, and was overall wonderful to work with. I highly recommend.

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    Nothing but ALL GOOD THINGS! Colleen always got the answers I needed when I needed them, always responded to every text and call, and did it every time with a smile (I always imagined )! When I was getting antsy, she calmed my nerves, and when I made...

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    Colleen is a Wonderful lawyer and communicated with us throughout the whole process and answered emails and phone calls in a timely manner. We highly recommend this law firm and Colleen Santora!

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    Perry Feinberg represented me in a personal injury case. He was always accessible and very clear in his communications. I was very upset when the process commenced because thinking about the accident upset me greatly, but Perry was extremely patient ...

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