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Scaffolding Collapse in Milford Shows Ever-Present Dangers to Construction Workers

Construction work appears on every list of the most dangerous jobs in America, and for good reason. More than 150,000 injuries occur on U.S. construction sites every year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among them are scaffolding accidents, which account for at least 4,500 injuries annually. A recent scaffolding collapse in Milford, Massachusetts Read More

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Increased Bicycle Ridership in the Boston Area Could Cause Rise in Accidents

More than a decade ago, Boston began a concerted effort to encourage bicycle use. It took a few years, but Bostonians have embraced cycling and the city now consistently ranks among the nation’s best when it comes to being bike-friendly. While the increase in bike usage comes with plenty of positives, cyclists continue to face Read More

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How to Pursue Compensation After Massachusetts Hit and Run Accident

You’ve been injured in a hit-and-run accident and now you need payment for medical bills, property damage and other harm resulting from the crash. But how do you get that compensation if the other driver left the scene and you don’t know who they are? Massachusetts has an insurance system that allows you to file Read More

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Worker Killed in Construction Accident at Mass General Hospital

Construction work is notoriously dangerous, with multiple potential hazards on every project. A fatal accident at a construction site in Boston in January 2023 highlighted just how quickly a tragic accident can occur. In this case, it was a fall. A construction worker fell to their death while performing work on the roof of the Read More

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Woman Hurt by Falling Equipment at Harvard MBTA Station

In May 2023, a woman standing on the Red Line platform of the Harvard MBTA station was injured when a utility box fell from a column and struck her. People hurt in this type of incident, which occurs in an area controlled by the MBTA but doesn’t involve an actual train, bus or other vehicle, Read More

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Why Truck Accident Injury Lawsuits Are So Much More Complicated

Being hit by a tractor trailer, semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle while you are an automobile driver or passenger can have a devastating effect on your life. Any auto accident can cause serious injuries, but those resulting from a collision between a big rig and a passenger car can be far worse. Truck accident Read More

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Understanding Massachusetts’ Serious Injury Threshold for Lawsuits

Massachusetts is unlike most other states when it comes to the right of auto accident victims to sue for personal injuries. We are one of only 12 no-fault states that require your medical costs to be above a certain amount before you can bring an action against the other driver or vehicle owner. This amount Read More

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How Not Wearing a Helmet Might Affect Your Motorcycle Injury Case

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries to riders. A motorcycle is no match for an oncoming car or a commercial vehicle, and a rider has no barrier of protection. Massachusetts law requires all riders to wear helmets that meet certain safety specifications. If a rider without a helmet is hurt in a collision, he/she Read More

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Common Issues in Handling a Construction Site Accident

In this series of construction accident blogs, we have focused on the notion of a controlling employer. Generally, the controlling employer is the General Contractor and has those responsibilities. That is, the controlling employer must satisfy its responsibility to exercise reasonable care to prevent and detect violations on the site by any of the subcontractors. Read More

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Delayed Symptoms You Should Not Ignore After a Car Crash

Victims of car accidents typically receive immediate care when it is clear that they have been seriously injured. They are either transported to a hospital or trauma center by ambulance or they recognize the need for immediate diagnosis and treatment. But some accident victims may not experience symptoms of a sustained injury until a later Read More

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